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Covenant Gathering 2019 Adult Courses

2019 Brochure

101 Bible Study --What is God calling us to be … and do? Join the Rev. Carol McDonald to explore some familiar passages of scripture: the Magnificat, the Feeding of the 5,000; the Sermon on the Mount; and the Mission of the 70. Using several different Bible study approaches, we will ponder what our sacred texts call us both to be and to do.

102 What if the church can go beyond?
Jesus sent his disciples into the world beyond their group carrying little but their faith and devotion, and determination. Where and how are they sent today? Beyond our churches? Beyond our communities? Beyond our comfort zones? Using scripture, church experiences, and our own stories, The Rev. Adam Malak will help us explore how to revitalize our churches and congregations by rethinking what is possible and showing us how to follow Jesus in going beyond ourselves.

103 What if there’s more than enough?
Scripture tells us of abundant life, yet we act as if we can never have enough. Join Bryce Wiebe to explore how people with abundance continue to live in fear of scarcity; how those fears produce division, racism and inequality; and how Christians are called to respond.

201 What if you looked deeper? Art Journaling for Any Season
Art journaling is a creative outlet for visualizing our lives, our feelings, our journeys. Everyone is an artist, but you don’t need any formal art training to enjoy and flourish as you create your art journal, and the Rev. Jennifer Burns Lewis will guide you on the way to new discoveries. Art journaling has no rules -- only the promise that it will be fun and it will be beautiful.

202 What if your church journey is Presbyterian?
Who has gone before us, and what trails have they blazed? What supplies and tools do we have to guide us and sustain us? What responsibilities do we have while on this journey? Commissioned Ruling Elder Ginny Shanda will lead curious conversations exploring these questions and others to replenish us and to embolden us to continue our Presbyterian adventure together.

203 What if Jesus crosses boundaries?
Again and again we hear that Americans are increasingly polarized. And, again and again, we wake up to violence being the response to difference that grabs the headlines. Jesus calls us not only to resist that kind of hate but to actively move towards people who are marginalized by society as he did. The Rev. Abby King-Kaiser will help us look at our own social locations and identities, consider pluralism in American culture, build skills for dialogue, but ultimately engage Scripture and our experience of God to develop a theology for building interfaith relationships. Dialogue will not be optional, as we will learn through actively engaging with each other.

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